her body:

114 x 114 x 42 CM [WxDxH]

45 x 45 x 17 IN


her tabletops:

Ø 75,5 CM

Ø 30 IN


max / turned open:

2.66 M / 105 IN


selene 08

Circle, Square, Triangle

SELENE is the debut object of NEELTJE DESIGN STUDIO, a coffee table that is both util as she is poetic. The table is referred to as a 'she' since she embodies the modern version of the greek moon goddess, after which she is named.

As an object she symbolizes the feminine power of the moon, her cycle and rhythm of ebb and flow. Emphasizing the ever evolving transitions that are permanently around us and of which we are part. 

Her body shape is based on a Circle and a Square connected by the Triangle. In Zen conceptual understanding, the entire Universe can be reduced to these three shapes: the square, circle and triangle. In Selene there is a relationship between the not-knowing square and the enlightened circle - but it is the triangle formed by the person sitting next to her that connects these two shapes.


As a table her two tabletops are challenging the gravitational powers of earth by floating in a horizontal position. Both can eclipsed over each other to set a moon phase.

Floating in space, her table tops can be moved away from the body and rotated 360 degrees in either direction. The joints that make this possible have been designed with great attention to detail.

Her moonlight is dimmable with your mobile app and can be switched on and off from a distance.


Her moon table top has an engraving in the surface. Small scratches in the material allow the light to shine through to the eye, revealing the moon. During the day she shows her skin delicately. In the evening her light can be switched on.

The moon is topped with artisanal made glass, which has a breaking that is reminiscent of raindrops on water.
Her body - frame -  is made from handwelded steel and lightweight aluminium appearing in four variations. It takes a week to weld her body, she is well made.

Her moonlight colors are carefully selected for the four variations. Every variation has it's own moon tone; ranging from white to warm white, to yellow to warm yellow. Custom requests can be made through email:



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